Insulated Lunch Bags

Our insulated lunch bags are designed for both durability and sustainability.

Our collection of insulated lunch bags offers practical choices for individuals seeking to make conscious decisions in their daily routine while adding a touch of sustainability to their lives. These bags provide the added benefit of two material options: organic cotton and upcycled RPET fabric.

You can choose organically grown cotton, a natural and eco-friendly fibre that’s free from harmful chemicals, making it an ideal choice for those embracing conscious consumption. Alternatively, opt for upcycled RPET fabric as a way to reduce waste, repurposing materials instead of sending them to landfills. These lunch bags are designed with both environmental and human well-being in mind, offering a thoughtful solution.

But there’s more! Our insulated lunch bags excel at keeping your food and drinks at the desired temperature for extended periods. Their exceptional durability ensures a long-lasting and valuable choice for those who appreciate longevity.

These bags are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide range of our stainless steel lunch boxes, providing a seamless and mindful solution for your lunch and eating-out needs. Make an informed choice without compromising convenience or performance. Start your journey towards conscious consumption and better manufacturing practices with our practical insulated lunch bags.

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