Eco Hair Products

Eco Hair Products by Green Essentials

Eco hair products designed to enhance your haircare routine while promoting mindful consumption.

Our collection features bamboo and organic cotton hair ties, as well as wheat straw hair brushes and combs.

Bamboo hair ties offer a gentle alternative to traditional elastic ties, preventing hair breakage and preserving your hairstyle. Organic cotton hair ties, made from organic materials free of harsh chemicals, provide a secure hold without compromising your hair’s well-being.

Our wheat straw hair brushes and combs are crafted from natural and renewable materials, prioritising scalp and hair health, especially for sensitive skin. These thoughtfully created alternatives contribute to a more intentional approach to daily styling.

Join the community of conscious consumers and make the switch to these hair accessories. Embrace minimalism by choosing products that not only work effectively but also align with your values and the well-being of our planet. With these items, you embark on a journey of mindful choices that promote a better tomorrow for both yourself and the environment

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