Sisal Soap Pouch


Pop your soap into the pouch, run it under water to soften the fibres a bit, then start scrubbing!

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You won’t be dropping your soap on the shower floor anymore! The  sisal soap pouch will exfoliate dry, dead skin, ensuring silky, smooth, healthy skin with minimal effort due to the natural exfoliating fibres. Simply work the pouch in a circular motion, starting with the arms and legs, working towards your heart, along the lymphatic pathways of the body.

Pouch measures 14cm x 10cm

100% natural, 100% biodegradable after use.

Product Specifications

Use: Simply place your soap bar inside the pouch and put under running water to create a lather.  Rub away and remove those dead cells to wake up your skin, leaving it feeling soft and improving your circulation.
Care: Allow to dry completely after wetting.
Content: Sisal is a natural fibre made from the agave plant (Agave sisalana), and it’s perfect for skin brushing.

Manufactured responsibly in China

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