Bottle Brush w/ Long Organic Cotton Tip


Plastic free; reusable eco friendly bottle brush for cleaning reusable drinking flasks

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Bottle Brush with extended Organic Cotton Tip

Large and versatile cleaning brush designed for flaskes, drinking bottles and deep narrow containers where other utensils can’t reach.

A sturdy Stainless Steel twisted wire handle holds the 100% organic Cotton Tip and durable Sisal Fibre (from the Agave sisalana plant) natural bristles for thorough and gentle cleaning of the inside of your reusable drink bottle.

* No Plastic
* Durable
* Handy hanging loop for storage racks
* Clean & safe drinking


Dimensions: Length: ~30 cm
Diam: ~5 cm
Materials: Natural Organic Cotton & Sisal Fibre
Handle: 304 (18/8) food-grade stainless steel
Origin: Made ethically and responsibly in China.

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Weight 0.0036 kg
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 5 cm